• May 30, 2020
  • Updated 5:20 pm

Assam evacuates hospitals to convert them into dedicated COVID-19 treatment hubs

Assam evacuates hospitals to convert them into dedicated COVID-19 treatment hubs

Amid the growing pandemic of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus across the world, the Assam Government is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that the State is well prepared to face the threat posed by the deadly impact of COVID-19.

The Assam health department started it’s highest level of preparation on Monday and started evacuating hospitals to convert them into exclusive COVID-19 facilities.

The state so far has no record of any positive cases of COVID-19, however the health department has set off to prepare for the worst.

Two hospitals have been vacated to convert them into exclusive facilities for COVID-19 cases.

The eye hospital of the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and 200-bed district hospital at Sonapur has been evacuated in order to convert them into hospitals for treatment of COVID-19 patients exclusively.

The patients of the GMCH eye hospital have been shifted to Srimanta Sankardev Netralaya, said Assam Health Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma. He also said that Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital may also be converted into COVID-19 facility in case if it is required.

The health department has also instructed all the district authorities to identify hostel of universities, colleges and even hotels for places of quarantine or isolation for mildly affected patients of COVID-19.

The health minister has informed that elective surgeries are to be suspended in all medical colleges and that OPD patients were to go to district hospitals instead of medical colleges as it will restricted only to emergency patients.

He further informed that there were 150 ICU beds with ventilators in the state which are kept ready for COVID-19 patients and more ventilators are yet to come.

Assam has not detected any cases of the novel coronavirus, as of Monday 169 samples has been tested of which 148 samples has tested negative whereas 21 samples for the test are yet to be declared.