Assam proposes laws for transparency in marriage

Assam proposes laws for transparency in marriage

On Monday, Assam Finance, Health, Education and PWD Minister, Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the government of Assam is considering to bring transparency in marriage laws, this statement was made amidst the ongoing discussion on the issue of ‘Love Jihad.’

The term ‘Love Jihad’ refers that a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman with the intention to convert her religion into Islamism.

This discussion has been initiated to make it mandatory for both bride and the groom to reveal information like religion, source of income etc.

Dr Sarma shared his views on the transparency during marriages; he stated that if there is no transparency between couples they should not get married.

Before the marriage, there must be disclosures on the religion, earning mode for a living, income etc. It has been emphasized by Mr Sarma that the idea of the marriage transparency laws is not connected with ‘Love Jihad’ by any means. All he wanted to state that not a single person should hide their identity, job or income.

It has been mentioned by Sarma that he is not attacking any religion but trying to maintain transparency in marriage.

Legislation has already been drafted by the State as per Mr Sarma. He says that the decision is not related with ‘Love Jihad’ that has been addressed in states like Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh.

Sarma said that it is an initiative from the Assam government to empower women.

Earlier, the government announced about the passing of ‘Love Jihad’ bill, in Madhya Pradesh. The bill declares five-years of imprisonment for the ‘violators’ of Love Jihad.

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