COVID-19 Guidelines Released for Elections in Assam

COVID-19 Guidelines Released for Elections in Assam

The Election Commission of India have announced the election dates of the Assam legislative assembly. As per the election is concern the ECI have come up with guidelines keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic.

As per the ECI statement, the political parties along with the Chief Electoral Officer of election were engaged to form the COVID-19 guidelines. Adding to the information ECI have also stated that local variation will be considered.

Sunil Arora the Chief Election Commissioner of India have given a statement where he explains how election can be a reason for large gathering and as such several steps have been taken to mitigate the election.

The postal ballot option has been given for the senior citizens (80 years and above) and for employees occupied in essential services. To maintain the protocols the nodal health officers at the state level has been appointed.  

The time for the poll has also been increased on the basis of COVID-19. All major steps have been taken to reduce human contact but offline security deposits can also be submitted online.

For the door-to-door campaigning rules are set to five candidates that would also include the candidate.

On the polling stations masks, sanitizers for the voters will also be provided.

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