Doctor’s sweat drenched image shows how it’s like to wear a PPE Kit for long hours

Doctor’s sweat drenched image shows how it’s like to wear a PPE Kit for long hours

India is facing the second wave of the pandemic and the whole country is on the edge of collapsing due to its poor medical infrastructure. All the healthcare workers are working day and night for the lives of the positive COVID-19 patients.

Meanwhile two picture of Dr. Sohil Makwana drenched in sweat after wearing a PPE kit while working long hours for covid patients goes viral.

Dr Sohil Makwana who works in GMERS Medical College Dharpur in Gujarat shared his pictures on Twitter. The first picture shows him wearing a PPE kit and the second one shows him drenched in sweat.

Sohil captioned the post, saying: “Proud to serve the nation,”

He added on to his another tweet, “Talking on the behalf of all doctors and health workers.. we are really working hard away from our family.. sometimes a foot away from positive patient, sometimes an inch away from critically ill oldies… I request please go for vaccination.. it’s only solution ! Stay safe.”

“I was posted in Covid triage area and ward. It was too hot and humid. Got drenched in sweat at the end of day,” Sohil explianed to Times Now.

He further said, “This is not about me. This is about all the healthcare staff. From bottom to up, everybody is working 24*7.”

Sohil has mentioned how in this present crucial condition one must take care of his mental health, he said, “I like to write. I don’t watch TV. I started writing a novel. This is my stress buster. I have written film scripts in the past. I also have a passion for photography.”

He encouraged people to devote their time in at least one extra-curricular activity that is separate from their professional life.

“We need to change our lifestyle to deal with the pandemic. People should exercise and have a good diet,” he further added.

Netizens thanked the healthcare warriors who are fighting the pandemic from the frontline.

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