Female Twitch star Amouranth flashed the camera during a stream

Popular female Twitch streamer Amouranth whose real name is Kailyn Siragusa accidentally flashed her private parts during a recent stream.

She was rolling on the ground with her dog while streaming and a sudden shift in her body to sit up resulted in a flash of her private areas multiple times during the stream.

Twitch was quick to remove the offensive content and ban her account as a result. It is not clear if the ban is permanent or temporary.

Anyone trying to visit her official Twitch account right now, which has almost 1.2 million subscribers, will be greeted with the generic “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.” message that is displayed on all banned account channels.

Twitch bans accounts showcasing nudity for various duration depending how grave the offense is. It’s banned account anywhere between a day to a month depending on the degree of nudity displayed while streaming.

Siragausa recently came out publicly about being blackmailed on Instagram. A content moderator on the platform demanded $2600 per month from her via Bitcoin if she wished to keep her content on the platform, which was flagged for containing nudity.

“I am hoping more people step forward with their stories. I imagine I am not the only one.”

We hope she makes a public statement soon regarding this ban and becomes more careful in her future streams.