• May 30, 2020
  • Updated 5:20 pm

Foundation Stone for T-Shaped Double-Lane Flyover of 1400 M Laid Down in Guwahati

Foundation Stone for T-Shaped Double-Lane Flyover of 1400 M Laid Down in Guwahati

On Sunday, Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has laid down the foundation stone of 1400-meter-long T-shaped double-lane flyover on the GS Road. It will connect the Supermarket to Last Gate and Dispur to Khanapara in Guwahati. The total cost of the flyover project is Rs. 127.20 crore and scheduled to be completed within a tenure of 36 months.

It will be the longest flyover in Guwahati, which will start from the Janata Bhawan at Dispur and end at the Down Town Police Point. On the other way, the right-side bifurcation will begin from Dispur Supermarket Junction to Traffic Roundabout at Last Gate. 

While addressing the audience at the event organized at Dispur Last Gate, CM Sonowal highlighted the initiatives undertaken by the Guwahati Government to make it one of the best cities in India. 

CM Sonowal also stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi guided in rapid growth and development of the Northeast Region and continued that the Guwahati Government had taken efforts to develop the city as the “Gateway to South East Asia” with rapid infrastructure development. 

Urging the countrymen to maintain cleanliness, CM Sonowal has expressed sorrow that some people still keep dirtying the place even after the best efforts taken by the government to beautify the city. The Chief Minister of Assam claims that cleanliness is next to godliness, and asked people to be responsible for keeping the state and their city green and clean always. 

He further asserted that “the young generation of the state must endeavor to put Assam strongly at the world stage with hardwork, dedication, honesty, and sincerity, and they must not while away the most productive time of their lives in movements and agitations. Building a robust work culture in the state should be the prime objective of everyone and youths must not be misled to join agitations based on concocted and baseless grounds.”