Guwahati Will Have Bus Stop Every 750 metre soon

Guwahati Will Have Bus Stop Every 750 metre soon

The Kamrup (Metro) district administration has taken a new initiative to improve the public transport system of Guwahati, the largest metropolis in northeastern India. It is planning to decrease the distance between two bus stops to 750 meters in Guwahati. 

On Monday, deputy commissioner Biswajit Pegu during a meeting of the Regional Transport Authority of Kamrup (Metro), said that the decision is taken to prevent the unauthorized halting of city buses in Guwahati. Various issues were raised and discussed by representatives of transport associations. He further informed that the initiative had been taken as per an order of the Gauhati High Court. Pegu said that the initiative would focus on the efficient functioning of the public transport system in Guwahati. 

All the officials and representatives of transport associations were directed by DC to ensure the implementation of the recently formulated “time card” system in every city bus for smooth traffic movement. All the city buses have to follow the routes as decided by the RTA in collaboration with the administration and other departments. 

In the last few years, Guwahati has emerged as a fast-developing metropolitan city. At the same time, the population has increased massively, causing traffic congestion and accidents on the city streets. So, the new step likely to be beneficial for the common people who daily faces traffic problems.

Ranjan Bhuyan, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), claimed that the traffic congestion problem would get in control if every city bus starts obeying all the rules and regulations formulated by the administration. The meeting was also attended by the representative of the Guwahati Transport Association, the Greater Guwahati Deluxe Express City Bus Service Owners’ Association, and the Guwahati Metro Transport Association.

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