• May 30, 2020
  • Updated 5:20 pm

Guwahati’s First Road Made Of Plastic Waste Is Here

Guwahati’s First Road Made Of Plastic Waste Is Here

Connecting with the list of states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and its immediate neighbor Meghalaya, Assam has undertaken a ‘Pilot Project’ to construct roads from plastic waste. Public Works Department Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has laid down the foundation stone of a 100-meter road in Guwahati, the largest city of Assam, on July 19. It is the first kind of project, unveiled in the presence of the officials on the Kahilipara-Dakhingaon Don Bosco Road. The proposal to put plastic waste of the city to use, inspired by the government of Meghalaya, which has already constructed 1km road using plastic waste in Nongkynjang. 

The decision objected to lessen the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the landfill. Another advantage of roads made of plastic will help in maintenance during extreme weather like floods, which will be cost-effective and durable.

Mr. Sharma was quoted saying, “Today, we launched a pilot project to use waste plastic in road construction at Kahilipara Dakhingaon Don Bosco Road, #Guwahati in presence of PWD officials. If it gives desired results, it will help in disposing off plastic waste & prevent damages to road caused due to rainfall.”

Guwahati generates 22000 kilos of plastic waste in approx, out of which only half of it gets recycled. The leftover plastic waste is either burnt or dumped in landfills leads to air pollution. 

The plastic roads will be constructed by using the method pioneered by Rajagopala Vasudevan – “Plastic Man of India.” He is a Chemistry Professor at Thiagarajar College of Engineering in Madurai.  

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation will separate the amount of plastic waste generated in the city as per its thickness as usually, plastic carry bags of around 60-microns are preferred in the road construction works.

Since it is a ‘Pilot Project’, the GMC has outsourced the shredding plastic process, and an Indore-based unit has offered the pact of supplying shredded plastic. If the scheme is successful, the corporation will set-up a plastic shredding unit in Guwahati. 

Goalpara recently became the first district in Assam to have constructed roads using plastic waste.