Mia Khalifa reveals how much she made from doing Adult films

Retired adult film actress Mia Khalifa has recently spoken out about how much money she made by doing adult content and it is shockingly low.

In a recent interview she did with Megan Abbott, Khalifa rebutted claims of her making millions by doing adult content.

In fact she revealed that she made a measly amount of “around $12000” from doing adult videos.

“I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that”

When fans found it hard to believe that inspite of being so popular she made so little, Khalifa posted a series of clarification tweets.

“This is why people think I still perform,” she said.

Khalifa also shared some personal details about how doing adult scenes resulted in her losing touch with her family and even got her death threats.

“My friends from home started to find out because somebody found the first scene and they sent it to everybody,” she said around 30 minutes in. “I was already about to film the one with the hijab that basically went viral and global. It was going to happen that week, so I was like, well, you know, I can’t back out. So, I guess, this next one, people are starting to find out. After that one came out the following week, it was beyond repair.”

The hijab scene resulted in Khalifa getting threats of ISIS –

“They Photoshopped a picture of me on a beheaded body holding my head that was Photoshopped on there saying ‘You’ll be next, you Muslim disgrace.’ I’m, like, Catholic, dude . . . I’ve got catholic guilt. You think that you can affect me? No.”

The full interview can be seen below where she discusses her ordeal with the porn industry, how it almost ruined her life and much more.