Nagaland villagers of Wanching stunned over ‘Diamond’ like stones

Nagaland villagers of Wanching stunned over ‘Diamond’ like stones

In the Wanching village of Mon district, Nagaland a villager found a precious stone while farming.

On 25th November the news of findings of ‘diamond’ like stone spread like wildfire on social media.

People started sharing pictures and videos of the ‘diamond’ like a stone on every social media platforms.

Reports suggested that the villagers started digging the ground in search of the precious stone. While farming one of the villagers of Wanching found the ‘diamond’ like a stone. According to Tonyei Angh, the village council chairman of Wanching, Mon district told that the farmer hit the supposed precious stone by a hammer and it broke into pieces instantly, proving that it was not a diamond.

The information was also passed on by the chairman to the Assam Rifles personnel situated near the village, to inspect the ‘diamond’ like-stone.

It was further clarified that the stone is not a diamond but a crystal stone. Later an investigation was ordered by the Nagaland government to gather more clarity on the matter.

S. Manen, the Director of Department of Geology and Mining, issued an order that state that four geologists are instructed “to investigate and submit the status report at the earliest” about the so-called “precious stone”.

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