New Music Video by Assamese artist has people thinking about its plot

New Music Video by Assamese artist has people thinking about its plot

A new wave of contemporary artists have flooded the music scene in Assam.

While local artists like Shankuraj Konwar, Abhi Saikia to name a few have cast magic into the ears of the Young Assamese crowd causing a positive resurgence and increased interest upon Assamese music, a few Assamese artists have also dared to go National with their content by attempting to make quality Hindi music videos that can challenge the best of the best in the Indian music industry.

One such name is Ajinkya Barman.

Guwahati Now caught up with the artist as he released his second original Single ALVIDA. The video of the song features beautiful cinematography, and Surabhi Das, a popular Assamese actress, as it’s main cast but it’s the theme of the video that has left most of us curious and wanting to know more.

Upon asked what the story in the music video was about, here is what Ajinkya had to say to his listeners-

I have always believed in arousing curiosity among my viewers. Most of my music videos, three till date, have all been inspired by the music videos of Lucky Ali. I remember how songs like O Sanam, Dekha Hai Aise Bhi etc by Lucky Ali featured videos which were open to the viewers for interpretation. Similarly, my videos, most recently ALVIDA features a very open ended story, free for viewers to interpret it in their own way.

We asked him how did he come up with the concept of ALVIDA’s music video to which he Said-

The theme of the music video is obsession. When you see a mysterious figure, more often than not, you always end up being obsessed to know about him. In my Vision ALVIDA is a story of a young girl caught up with an intimidating figure with whom she had to share an elevator. She is ultimately left so obsessed to know who he was that she ends up dreaming about this figure as the same murderer who features in the book she was reading at that time. In the end it is however revealed that the figure was actually her new neighbor who knocks at her door to apologize for their awkward first meet.

Team Guwahati Now wishes Ajinkya Barman all the best for his future music videos.

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