NFR take up several measures for safe running of trains

NFR take up several measures for safe running of trains

When it comes to safety of railway passengers, rail tracks plays a very vital role. Hence the Northeast Frontier Railway have planned for track renewal works.

For a safer and smoother running of trains,292408 cubic meter ballast has been added to the tracks. And in addition, from the month of April, 2020 to this years’ February 2021 many changes are planned to be made such as track renewal of 128.67 CTR units along with 198.64 km of through rail renewal, 110 equivalent sets of turnout renewal, sleeper changing in 58.71 km, 159.17 km of deep screening of ballast in plain track and 112 turnouts, track fittings renewal in 249.71 km

USFD (Ultrasonic Flaw Detection) tests are carried out vigouraously in railway tracks to monitor the health of the railway tracks and to prevent rail fracture.

As per the records from April, 2020 to February, 2021, an overall of 15805 km of tracks have been over with the USFD testing against a target of 13750 km.

To make the rail joints more secure ,the NFR has also completed Flash Butt welding (a superior method of welding) of rail joints in 63.23 km within this period.

The NFR is using various track machines for screening of ballast, changing of track sleeper and also tamping of track etc. for safer and even running of trains over its administration.

During this year, tarck tramping of 6792.71 km, tamping of ballast beneath 4118 points and crossing have been done by track machines.

In an addition, the NFR has removed/relaxed 17 Permanent Speed Restrictions (PSRs) imposed on its tracks resulted in saving running time of all trains in those sections.

This year, the rehabilitation of 135 bridges have also been done.

With the new updated and the better precaution given to the safety measures, railway tracks have now reached a better and safer position.

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