US man who tested positive for coronavirus stayed at Radisson Blu in Guwahati

US man who tested positive for coronavirus stayed at Radisson Blu in Guwahati

A 76 year old American tourist who tested positive for coronavirus in Bhutan is reported to have a travel history in India. This was confirmed on Friday.

According to sources in the Airport Authorities of India (AAI), the US national along with his fiance arrived at the city of Jorhat in Assam on February 22 through Indigo Flight.

The couple then checked into MV Mahabahu for a seven day river cruise from February 23 to February 29 which took them to the river island Majuli. The couple also visited Kaziranga on their way to Guwahati.

On March 1 the US tourist and his fiance checked into the Radisson Blu Hotel at Guwahati and the next day they flew out to Paro.

The tourist was tested positive for coronavirus at the Paro International Airport in Bhutan.

The Director of Health Services, Rathindra Bhuyan said that the US national had apparently tested negative for Covid 19 during the mandatory screening at Guwahati airport as his symptoms might not have developed fully because of the warmer weather here.

It has been reported that the tourist’s fiance, eight Indians and other passengers who have travelled on the same flight to Bhutan have all been quarantined.

The authorities of Radisson Blu has evacuated the second floor of the hotel where the tourist and his fiance stayed and all 24 staff who came in contact with the tourist are being kept under special observation.

Hotel Radisson Blu

The room no. 224 in which the couple stayed has not been alloted to any guest after the couple left. The Assam officials have asked the authorities to fumigate the room.

Sanjay Basu, the operator who is in charge of the maintenance of the cruise ship said that the ship is fumigated after the completion of each cruise. The Assam officials are awaiting the arrival of the ship from Neematighat in Jorhat with a batch of foreign tourist on board who are to be screened upon their arrival.

All together 115 people of Assam has been reported to have come in contact with the tourist and are to be quarantined.

The US national also has history of travel in Mumbai before his visit to Assam, said Health Ministry officials in Delhi.

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