• July 11, 2020
  • Updated 5:20 pm

Youth Makes Stray Dogs Shelter In Guwahati

Youth Makes Stray Dogs Shelter In Guwahati

Nowadays, the young generation is more occupied with fancy foreign dog breeds than Indie dog breeds. Hence, this is a common reason these Indie dog breeds are on the verge of extinction. Once these dogs used to live under the shelter of their owners proudly. 

But now they are almost abandoned, and entirely dependent on the leftovers on roadsides. These Indie dog breeds are commonly known as stray dogs in India.  

However, in this selfish and busy world, there are still some people who try to rescue stray dogs and offer them shelter in the cold. 

Sahid Ahmed is an animal lover, who is a resident of Dhirenpara, has taken steps to install pet zones in and around his locality to revive the stray dogs from the cold in the winter. 

He is a medical representative by profession, has installed five pet zones in and around Lokhra, Battalion Gate, Itabhata in Guwahati. 

Shahid Ahmed has earlier installed water bowls on the roadsides for the relief of animals. He further urged the young generation to come forward and help him in his initiative. 

He appealed infront of the public to donate used clothes, mattresses and also helping the local dogs to stay warm in the cold. He asked the local factory to make a small pole with two attachments for water bowls. 

Sahid Ahmed reviewed himself as an animal lover and informed that he feeds local dogs and cows regularly in his locality.